What People Are Saying 

What's your ideal client? 
We love working with startups that have a product or service that is truly innovative.  We are very protective of our candidates so we want to make sure that we put them into healthy, productive environments where they can thrive and succeed, and where they are appreciated and respected. 

What roles do you specialize in? 
We specialize in sourcing and recruiting sales, marketing, creative and Operations talent specifically for startups. 

What if I have roles in other specializations? 
We have the ability to utilize our relationships with recruiters who do specialize in those roles that we coordinate with.  

How is your business model different from other recruiting firms? 

We understand that most startups run into the Catch 22 of needing to hire more people - specifically the right people- in order to scale to the next level but at the same time, needing to keep an eye on the budget, so we work with each client to come up with a fee agreement that's customized to their specific needs. 

Our intent is to help startups in the most crucial early growth stages knowing that as they grow, we grow along with them as well.